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Always wanted to learn how to play the drums?? Thought of being a drummer in your own rock or pop band? Sick of your usual drum lessons that does not motivate you?? Well look no further as your wish might just come true.

No prior experience is needed to learn how to play the drums with us and you're guaranteed to be able to play a simple beat within a month and starting your own band within a year.

Drumming has been said to be an excellent outlet to relieve stress and emotions especially in younger kids who are unable to express how they feel. Under the guidance of a passionate and caring instructor, students will definitely find it a relaxing and destressing experience.


Drum Instructor

Atta has been teaching full time for the past 7 years. Before this he was a full time member of the Singapore Wind Symphony. His students whose ages range from 5 to 50 years old and who are of different nationalities have all built a very comforting relationship with him as a teacher and a friend and are full of praises when they talk about him. He is also experienced in teaching children with special needs such as ADHD and Down Syndrome.

Most of his students are recommended as his unique style of teaching ensures that their interest is not lost. He believes in introducing different genres of music such as rock, pop, jazz, latin, reggae, funk etc with an emphasis in encouraging students to appreciate music.

Atta has also been performing full time with his band for numerous functions and nightly gigs at various popular nightspots. To name a few – RDA Charity Ball, Swiss Club Fasnact, 1 Nite Stand, Momo 2006-2007, Insomnia, Hard Rock Café S’pore, Pump Room, Mel's Place


Drum Lessons & Rockschool exams

Atta is also qualified to prepare you for Trinity College's Rock School Examinations which many students who want to pursue drumming find very important.

Very affordable individual lessons are conducted in a conducive and relaxing studio in Bukit Timah. Students need not invest in buying a drum set right away as Atta believes that there are other ways for beginners to practice at home.

Lessons are covered from basics such as understanding the drum kit to being able to play more complex beats with a full band. Lessons are made enjoyable by letting students learn how to play the drum beats of their favourite songs. Music theory is also included in lessons to ensure that students have a full understanding of music.

Check out
videos of Atta and his students jamming to their favourite songs in our video page.

"A drum set is not a guitar or a violin. It may be too expensive and bulky for someone who is just starting out. I will only encourage you to get a drum kit when you are sure that this is the instrument you want to stick with. Children especially may have the tendency to try out different instruments before deciding which they enjoy more" Atta Young

Call us at 97529596 / 91131894 or drop us an email now to find out how you can start pursuing your dreams of someday becoming a drummer at a low price.



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